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If you're tired of 'dieting', crash diets, over training, little to no motivation, no support... PIVOT is for YOU! 

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Pivot Challenge 2.0

A step by step program to help you becoming healthier mentally and physically over a 4 week period.


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What Pivot participants have to say

Ashley is amazing! She’s so personable and really tries to connect with you as an individual to help adapt the program for your individual needs. She truly wants you to succeed - and not for her, for you! She’s so knowledgeable about how the food we eat affects us. She also provides amazing workout suggestions, again tailored to individual needs.  This ended up being an amazing learning experience for me. Isn’t your health worth it too? Let Ashley help you, you won’t regret it - I know I don’t!! .


"I decided to take the PIVOT Challenge because I needed accountability.  I definitely got that!  But, I also found an incredible group of women who were all seeking the same thing - a healthy lifestyle. Our reasons for joining the Challenge were different but we've been there for each other. The private Facebook group gave me the freedom to be authentic and know that I would be encouraged and supported.  I also found joy in encouraging the others.  What I uncovered in the 4 week program was a greater awareness of my behaviour and how to change it for the better. The PIVOT Challenge is different from other 'programs' because 'programs' assume that people are the same. We're not!  This is a personalized approach to healthy living that takes into account your unique level of fitness, health, nutrition, and personal motivation. If you want a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain, take the PIVOT Challenge!


"The Pivot Challenge taps into what you want to see happen at your own pace. A mind, body and soul exercise that guides you to find your “why”. A “Cole's Notes” so to speak of how to get to where you want to be without the bs. No one's path or desires are identical but this approach gets you from point A to point B without copious amounts of confusing information and time consuming homework.. No overwhelm.

If you are wanting to improve you physical and/or mental health, I would encourage you to seriously consider Ashley Mathieu's Pivot Challenge. The Pivot Challenge has allowed me to look at what I want and don't want in my life. Period! The challenge has touched on all aspects of my life.

Ashley carries with her a wealth of information, experience and professionalism. She knows her shit and knows how to cut out the bs to keep things simple. She has the ability to draw out of you what stands in your way. Her direction is clear and concise. Get shit done!

If you are feeling stuck, in a rut or frustrated about not getting to where you want to be regarding your physical and mental health, I would encourage you to consider joining Ashley's Pivot Challenge.

At this point in time the whole world is changing, why not you?" 


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