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Ashley Mathieu is a driven entrepreneur who's here to help those struggling with moving forward in taking a step ahead.  Certified and knowledgeable in the areas of Life Coaching, Personal Training, Nutrition and Athlete, she takes her expertise full steam ahead.

The PIVOT Challenge was put together to help individuals who are stuck, needing a helping hand with both their physical and mental health.

Coming from her own struggles to successes, Ashley is here to help those move forward and take their power back one step at a time.



The PIVOT Challenge is a 4 week program done in a small group setting.  Limited seats are open for every class to ensure everyone is attended too.  This setting is done virtually on Video Conference and Facebook.  Each participant will hop on a call twice a week with both Ashley and the group.  Participants will be able to interact with one another on the calls and in the private Facebook group throughout the 4 week duration and beyond.  Participants will take part in group discussions and work sheets.  Weekly check in's are also done with the group on top of the Virtual calls and Facebook group.







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“What can I say about Ashley Mathieu.. she’s raw, she’s all about no bullshit in your face honesty. She has tons of experience, loads of knowledge to share and most importantly is passionate about what she does which to me is key. Years back I had the opportunity to work with Ashley for various services related to nutrition and fitness and my experiences were beyond positive."


"The first zoom call I knew that this was the right decision for many reasons. I knew weight loss was one of my goals. I also wanted to work on my self esteem and confidence.  Ashley’s program is so unique and real.  There aren’t weight loss pills, a spoonful of mixture a day to melt your fat, no calculating micros and macros ( whatever they are )- it’s gimmick free! 
This program was devised by an individual who has spent years educating herself on nutrition, fitness and how mental toughness  can help or hinder in those areas. Ashley’s knowledge isn’t just one set way either.  There are many lifestyle choices and Ashley helps find the right fit for you.  This challenge helps your mind body and soul.  There isn’t anything else like it!! "


"I reached out to Ashley when nothing else seemed to be working. She helped me understand my relationship with food (this was a slow process for me) and taught me to be honest with myself in order to regain my health. I have since dropped about 25 pounds (3 sizes - I don’t weigh myself) and have kept it off now for a year. Ashley’s advice is straightforward and what people need to hear; not necessarily what people want to hear. There are no quick fixes and gimmicks when working with Ashley. She is tough, consistent and honest."


" I was in a horrible state of depression and anxiety for several years and waiting for help wasn’t something I needed. Not being able to work gave me time to figure out what to do. I can’t speak enough to how much I appreciate being part of pivot and the other women in the group that are supportive. Being able to breath and let go of old traumas and losing a partner 8 years ago. I was incredibly stagnant living in my own shit so to speak. I’m the type that needs structure and the ability to focus to get things done. Procrastination is something I normally excel in. Took a conscious effort to do the work and stop waiting to take care of myself.
I’ve actually been happier. Eating changed drastically for me. As someone needing help this program forever changed me. My anxiety and depression used to hospitalize me or make me feel like a lose cannon. I’m able to calm down now and forget I even had an anxiety attack. For anyone looking for a light in life then there is a way. The support is incredible and the women are funny and full of different ideas. Challenging yes, but looking at yourself isn’t always easy but is worth it. Give it a try and you may be surprised. I appreciate this program and what it’s meant to me."


Ashley Mathieu

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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