Why forgiveness doesn’t mean free access

May 26, 2022

I was asked the other day, how do you forgive someone?  How do you forgive someone for cheating or hurting you?

First let me say that forgiving someone doesn’t mean you need to be friends with them, get back into a relationship or give them access to your life.  Forgiving someone means you understand they made a mistake in their life that affected you.  Forgiving someone is looking at that person and realizing maybe they were in the wrong head space or have their own demons they need to work through.

Forgiving doesn’t mean you give them access.  Forgiving them releases any grudge or negative energy you have towards them.  Understanding it wasn’t YOU who made that decision, it was them.  Sometimes you will never understand why they did what they did.  At the end of the day, that’s not for you.  Let them spend the time on figuring out why they act they way they act.  Meanwhile, you start focusing on your worth and understand their actions do not describe who you are.  You are not less of a person because of someone else’s actions.

Forgiving a person for any wrong doing is you acknowledging you don’t take on their actions.  It gives you your power to decide if you still allow them in any way, shape or form into your life.  At any capacity.

The more we hold onto grudges, negative feelings… This resonates into our lives and manifests itself in various forms like jealousy, trust issues, anxiety, anger etc… When we do this, we restrict the positive that’s supposed to come into our lives.  We become blind to the things we need and instead unconsciously continue to invite poor behaviours into our lives.

Forgive and move forward.  Don’t allow other peoples actions cloud your judgement or deflect what you want to manifest.

Energy is a powerful thing.  So use it wisely.

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