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May 31, 2022

Wake up. Turn off the alarm. Check phone. Go to the bathroom. Make coffee.  Get ready. Rinse and repeat what you do on a daily basis.

Much of society is stuck in an auto pilot mode, one which typically also leads to people forgetting about their mental and physical health.  Life is go go go!  As we exit the pandemic, many are feeling overwhelmed and finding their mind slips.  There are many reasons for this!

  • You have too much on your plate and are not utilizing your resources.  Ie) An agenda, time management, asking for help
  • You skip meals and run on adrenaline 
  • Instead of skipping meals, you rush and eat fast food because its, "quick and easy"... When in reality it's just a quick and easy way to destroy your health!
  • Over consume coffee or caffeinated beverages (which trash your adrenals)
  • Your brain is stuck in fight or flight making it easier to forget things as your brain won't store the information

When our life gets out of whack, we sometimes need a little added help.  This can either be delegating tasks to others to allow some breathing room or introduce some supplementation to help with our memory and stress.  Take these ones for example:

  • ALPHA BRAIN, this is a product you can put into your water.  I like this one because it helps with focus and also helps you get in water!  People have a hard enough time getting hydrated that a product like this helps you get in your daily intake of water.  You can also get it in pill form if you don't need the tasty stuff!
  • Having a supplement to help with mood and handle some of the daily chaos is also a great idea.  There are a few supplements you can try, such as Ashwagandha in either pill form or powder that you can add to a shake which helps keep you calm.  Different types of adrenal supplements to help support the adrenals.  There are also supplements that help with serotonin to help with mood. 

Just because your memory isn't performing well doesn't mean you can't add a little bit of help to your daily regime!  As some of you know who've taken my PIVOT program, making certain lists can be very beneficial in your every day to ensure you get what you need done without feeling overwhelmed!

If you are adding supplements and steps already to your daily routine and are still having issues, please consult your health care provider.  Getting the proper blood work done is never a bad thing!

Start taking care of YOU!  You're the only body you have ;)


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