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I am a 51 year old female and pandemic couch potato.  I had lost all motivation to eat healthy or treat my body and mind that way it should be.   I reached out to the one person I knew would kick me in the ass and take away all my excuses - Ashley Mathieu.   Ashley introduced me to her program, The Pivot Challenge and I knew I had to join.   I cannot say enough about how much the program helped me.  Ashley breaks down the program into nutrition, fitness and mindfulness – because without focus on all three there is no chance of success.   This program is perfect for EVERYONE – men or women – just anyone who wants to take charge of their life and stop making excuses.   Changes cannot happen without making changes, period.   Ashley Mathieu is a person that I guarantee will make your life better – just having Ashley on your side makes everything seem achievable.   Join the program, set short and long term goals and join our community.  You will NOT regret it!   

- Christina G.


PIVOT Challenge 2.0

Bringing you 15+ years of experience so YOU can start living and STOP restarting!